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quick-mix - the Company

quick-mix is the strong brand for thermal isolation, plaster, dry mortar and construction chemicals.

tubag is the strong brand for trass bonding agents and trass mortar, for restoration work, rehabilitation, natural stone paving and garden and landscaping works.

Due to our presence in the construction industry, constant research and development as well as careful monitoring of the market we are able to offer innovative and praxis related solutions.

Our goal is the production of high quality brand products for the construction market, which enable a profitable and easier work for our customers.


quick-mix products are manufactured in production plants spread throughout Germany, Luxemburg, Poland, the Czech Republic and China. Through permanent research and constant product improvement quick-mix keeps pace with the technical changes and advancements occuring in the construction industry. Test and analyses in our in-house labs ensure the constant quality.


Our high production standards are accepted internationally; quick-mix products are exported to many countries. The quick-mix quality standards, over all production processes up to the finished product, are defined and implemented following the certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001

Sievert Group

quick-mix is part of the Sievert AG, a holding and management company for associates in different sectors of the construction industry.

  • Dry mortar
  • Construction chemicals 
  • Logistics
  • Concrete elements